5 Chrome Security Extensions to Make Browsing Safer


Hackers, hackers, everywhere!

While the Internet is a blessing, it has brought with it a set of threats that we have to face on daily basis. From secret admirers to hackers, some people have converted the Internet into a nuisance. Well, there is not much that can be done about it.

We cannot restrict ourselves from surfing on the Internet. From browsing social media websites to googling something for an assignment, the Internet has become a necessity.

To add to it, services like Charter Spectrum Internet have made accessing the web easier. While we cannot keep ourselves away from this addiction we call the Internet, there are ways we can protect ourselves from the ‘bad boys.’ Here are a couple of Chrome security extensions that you can install for a safer online browsing experience.


Dubbed as one of the most reliable extensions, Ghostery is the favorite amongst many when it comes to privacy protection online. The extension makes sure that any and all the trackers on a website are deleted, making the browsing experience safe for you.

How it will do is by saving all the relevant information that there is regarding a tracker. You can then choose to view all the details of every individual tracker.

Doing so will help you to learn how each tracker works. You do not have to worry about these trackers anymore. From social media to analytics, Ghostery is capable of every and any type of data tracker that is attached to a website or a page.

However, you should remember that once you install this extension, it will disable all trackers automatically. You can choose to enable some trackers to extract your data if you please. That depends on your discretion.

Avast Online Security

Next up on the list is Avast Online Security. This extension protects you against online phishing scams and fake websites. Every time you visit a website, Avast will warn you if it is safe to continue browsing on it or not.

It will also indicate if the website has a bad reputation. You can then choose to exit the website. Apart from all this, installing this extension will also warn you if you are being tracked. Therefore, installing Avast Online Security comes with the following benefits:

  • Escape/avoid malicious websites
  • Spot and block traders
  • Get safer search results

The extension gathers feedback from the users and till date has about 400 Million reviews of various websites that the users have submitted. Based on this data, the Avast warns you if it is skeptical about a certain website. You just need to enable the ‘Do Not Track Me’ feature to keep the websites from tracking you.


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Simple Blocker

Originally the idea behind this extension was for students to be able to block social networking websites so they can concentrate on their studies. This extension has a timer feature that allows you to block a website for a certain period of time and return to it at the end of the specified time. Hence, making Simple Blocker a good parental guidance tool.

It has a very user-friendly interface and the installation does not take more than a couple of seconds. Apart from all this, the extension has a blacklist that you can refer to while you browse online.

This enables you to block the websites that are not safe. Simple Blocker will also send constant warnings to you if you are visiting a page frequently that happens to carry some malicious content.


Enjoy a faster and a safer Internet with Disconnect. The company guarantees you that it does not track or sell your data to anyone. If you want to keep your data secure from cyber criminals or government agencies, then Disconnect should be your go-to tool.

Apart from protecting you from online trackers, the VPN technology introduced by the company protects your online information from wireless eavesdroppers. This feature protects you from hackers that may extract your information when you connect your device to a public Wi-Fi. The extension also protects you from mal-advertising apart from data tracking.


Among the many services that Netcraft offers, a few are below:

  • Anti-fraud
  • Anti-phishing
  • Application testing
  • PCI scanning

Talking about the security of a user online, Netcraft sends out a warning to the person every time he/she logs in to a malicious website. Just like Simple Blocker, Netcraft too has a community of users who keep contributing to the ‘blacklist’ websites list.

Therefore, every time the extension thinks that you are browsing through a website that can pose danger, it will send out a warning to you. Users also get a chance to report that particular website using this extension.

It is crucial for you to install anyone from the above-mentioned extensions to protect yourself against online phishers. Just like Spectrum Customer Support guides its beloved subscribers well, these extensions are there to guide you for your safe online browsing experience.

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