Animated Christmas Movies that you must watch this New Year Season again


The most awaited time of Christmas is upon us, and it’s time for you to get cozy in a blanket with your family with hot cocoa to watch the all-time best Christmas movies ever. From classic cartoons to new favorites, whether you are a sucker for the Grinch or can’t resist the naughtiness of Jack Frost, this little list of movies have the six best movies of all-time.

Make sure that you have hot cocoa with marshmallows in it with a cozy blanket to make it a perfect night with your family!

The best-animated movies of all-time  

Disney’s Christmas carol (2009)

One of the best Dickens books, The Christmas Carol, written in 1838, remains timeless. The film on the hand is supercharged with exhilarating visuals and is true to the spirit of the book. As you all must know the story is of a miser in the Victorian era,

who sets out a journey of redemption. Jim Carrey, the lead artist, playing to be Scrooge, the miser, along with the ghost of Christmas past present and future, adds to the wondrous feel of the movie. This movie is scary and amusing at the same time and adds only to the enjoyment of the Christmas holidays.     

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur’s Christmas is a very British and a smart platform The Animation Studio, 3D animated movie from that opens one of the life’s most asked question: how do Santa visits and delivers the Christmas gifts in a single night? Well, the answer, it seems, is that Santa has a team of the high-tech army of elves and a silent spaceship disguised as a cluster of stars. However, it was never like this until the Santa’s eldest son, Steve, rejuvenated the operation.

However, it happens that one of the parcels slips the net, and in order to deliver it, it is up to Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, to deliver the package with his grumpy old grand Santa using reindeer and sleigh. How does it end? Well, watch the movie! You’ll find it to be quite mesmerizing and fun!

The nightmare before Christmas (1993)

One of the most watched and repeated movies of all time is the nightmare before Christmas. Most people think it to be a Halloween classic movie, but it is not the case. In this movie the Halloweentown ruler, Jack Skellington is trying to bring the Christmas spirit of Christmas to his folks in Halloweentown.

This movie is suitable to watch on Halloween as well as repeated on Christmas! The best part is that they manage to rejoice Christmas without following the unvarying clichés of the genre. This movie is a great choice to experience all-new kind of magic this season.

The polar express (2004)

Based on the award-winning children’s book of Chris Allsburg, the polar express is undoubtedly a movie worth watching again this season. The movie and the book are about a boy who finally meets Santa clause on the North Pole. He boards a magical train that is traveling to the North Pole and is going with children from different places willing to meet Santa Clause. This movie is just as fantastic as it should be to be repeated this winter.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

The movie is based on the book by Dr. Seuss and is about a grumpy old Grinch who hates Christmas and tries to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville. This sounds to be a depressing movie but turns out to be quite fun! It is a tale of greed, bitterness but the ultimate moral of goodness in people of Whoville who turn the Grinch with a heart two times smaller to have a change of heart. It is a fun movie to watch quite possibly every Christmas season.

The rise of the guardians (2012)

A charming and utterly magical movie released in 2012 based on the childhood fantasies turns out to be a movie having a perfect combination of good vs. evil. It is a story about a kid, Jack Frost, who is going to become a new guardian like Santa, tooth fairy, the all-time favorite Easter bunny and sandy to fight from the great evil of the boogeyman,

who once thrived on fear and nightmares defeated by the guardians, haunting the kids once again. Jack Frost’s fun and exciting nature are preaching never to lose sight of having a little bit of fun in life. So, refresh your minds by unleashing your power of imagination and going back to be a kid with your family!

Watching your favorite Christmas movies on Christmas Eve with your loved ones is one of the honored traditions to follow. So why not make some room for these all-time favorite classic movies on your playlist this Christmas? After all, it is the perfect time to make some quality memories with your loved ones.


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Why You Need an Animated Explainer Video to Promote Your Mobile App

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Why You Need an Animated Explainer Video to Promote Your Mobile App


You thought of an app idea, pre-planned, research and finally developed but what is next? Of course, it is to look for a way to promote your app and form a marketing campaign. You have various options available for it but it is essential to look for a technique that is not only fast paced but also brings you user engagement and increases your app’s user retention rates. The goal is to drive users towards your mobile app so how to do it? The answer is simple – use an animated explainer video.

Animated explainer videos are extremely engaging and yield positive results no matter what your products or services are. With the right animated video presentation maker, it is not a far off the task to get an animated video produced and you can reach out to your potential customers and turn them into loyal users of your app.

Here is how explainer videos provide you with efficiency in building your mobile app marketing strategy:

Engaging nature of the message

The engaging nature of an animated explainer video keeps the viewers engaged at all times. The key is to extend your message to your audience without making the message seem too boring and you can achieve that with an explainer video. In a matter of seconds, you can get your message across to a global audience of people who can become your potential customers.

The best part about animated content is that it never ceases to leave a positive impression and a well thought explainer video with humorous aspects possesses the power to keep the viewer to stick throughout the end. You need to stand out and convey what your mobile app has to offer to your users and it is only possible with a compelling explainer video.

Provides a simplified explanation

When you have to market your mobile app to the masses, there is no better way of doing it than an animated explainer video. You can show all the features and functionalities of your app while keeping the viewers entertained. You cannot communicate your message better in the form of images or text but with animation, you can make the nature of your message interactive and entertaining.

Animated videos are easily explainable and with little effort, you can extend your message to the right audience. Your app users would not prefer to go through the app documentation to know how the app works but they will surely understand the functionalities with an animated explainer video.

Connects to your audience

With an animated video, you can establish a close connection between your audience and your brand. The goal is to establish a strong feeling of association and bonding and that in turn would lead to an improvement in brand awareness and personality. Improved user engagement would then aid you in enhancing conversion rates.

You can convey multiple things at once in an explainer video. Either it can be about what your mobile app has to offer or you can simply exhibit your brand’s message and the values it upholds. With a dynamic approach, you can convey several things at once and even make sure that your users do not lose interest in what you are portraying.

Boost your ROI

ROI generation is the goal of every business or brand. You can make this notion easier with an animated explainer video and generate potential leads. Animated video content is the only type of content that can assist you in boosting your levels of ROI. Some consider getting an animated video made a costly endeavor but in reality, it is not. It is simply a onetime investment and it will provide you with a quick return on investment.

If you happen to choose a live-action video then it will certainly cost you more. The most effective approach is to invest in animation than a live action as it does not let you exceed your budget and brings in potential customers at the same time.

Specifically targets the right people

With animated characters in your video, you can build a strong connection with your relevant target audience. You can give the animated characters a personality and use them to create a sense of emotional bonding with your customers. When the viewers will feel emotionally connected only then they would be able to perceive your brand message and show interest in your mobile app.

An explainer video is not only informative but it has the potential to get the right message across to the right people. It could have an educational message or you can simply make it entertaining but if you know what your audience wants to see, then getting our message out there would not become taxing at all.

Animations over text and images

Whether it is an image or a textual content, animated visuals would still prevail over any other form of digital media. If the goal is to make your message appealing then you can convey it in the form of an animated explainer video. With constant changes in digital trends, human preferences are changing over time. The world of today is becoming fast paced and the only way to let your voice heard is to become dynamic.

The notion of learning and evolving never stops but you can certainly make it interesting for your audience with an animated explainer video. People hold their time extremely dear so you have to be well aware of this fact and rely on animated content for marketing purposes.

Cost-effective approach

You have to define a clear budget for promotional and marketing reasons but if you choose an animated explainer video then budget becomes the least of your concern. A live action video demands attention to intricate detail and the production cost is expensive as well. From the formation of the production team to the fees of animators and actors, you have to take care of several factors.

By working with an animation company, you can cut down the production cost and acquire a single animated video that you can use on your website or social media platforms. Professional animators and scriptwriters can formalize the video content for you and you can easily acquire a compelling animated explainer video.


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