Are You Ready for the Logo Design Trends in the year 2019?


Logos are the significantly important aspect of business marketing and all the marketers and businesses know that. However, the tricky part of the question is what makes a logo significant or effective? There are many answers and yet, designing a significantly effective logo is difficult. So what are the core characteristics that an effective logo should have? There are many characteristics. However, here we are presenting our readers with the characteristics that are going to be trending in the coming year 2019.

Logo trends keep changing frequently and following the track of the trends is a bit difficult. We are predicting the upcoming trends so that you will get to know about them in advance. Overall, 2019 is going to be the year of storytelling, well-designed and stylish, and color experimentations in the logo industry. The technology advancement and new designing tools will make the year exciting for logo designing industry. Here is a list of trends that are going to take over!

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Adjustable Logo Designs

Businesses are already highly aware of the importance of logo design. They are paying so much attention to how they can get their message across with their logo designs. However, the digital era has made it clear that just good designs are not the key to the brand building. Logos have to connect with the audience and adapt to the environment of a variety of platforms. This is why brands have started opting for logo designs that are flexible and are intricately adaptable. This seems to be a trend that will continue in the coming year as well.

Eye Illusions are Trending too!

Eye illusions are the logo designs that trick the eyes and thus, draw in attention. They are creative and conceptually rich. These designs standout and are fun. They can be used for creating visual poetries and other interesting stuff that the audience will love and appreciate. The designers who know how to play with the perspective and distortion of the frames know how to create eye-tricking designs.

Negative Space is not to Waste!

Designs that utilize the negative space in a logo design to make the logo conceptually and aesthetically stronger are going to be a trend in 2019. Designs that make the use of negative space, assert the concept more powerfully which makes the logo distinctive and strong.


Minimalism has been a very famous trend lately and the designers find it necessary to because it highlights the aesthetics and conveys the message effectively as well. Minimalistic designs are a really good way of putting more abstract ideas into logos and this makes them a good logo strategy.\

Geometric designs

Geometric logo designs are often perceived as cold, authoritarian, and mathematical and this has made them a little less likable. However, the trend is coming back with a new creative concept. Designers are combining the geometrical designs with soft and vibrant color themes to balance them. The online logo makers offer these design templates for specific businesses such as photography. A photography logo maker have these powerfully synchronized design templates that reflect the core concept of photography effectively

Logos and timelessness

There are brands who want to have logos that will make them appear credible and authentic rather than making them appear notorious to get attention. Designers create logo designs that will remain as effective after hundred years as they are now. The focus of the designers is now again shifting from placing catchiness on the priority list as secondary and reliability and authenticity as primary. This is what has given vintage looks arise as they implicate authenticity and rootedness.

Overlapping Patterns and Color Shades

This is an experimental design form that got famous because of the fact that it is a really well-received design either done with patterns or color shades. Many famous brands use this method of overlapping elements to enhance color shades meaningfully and create concepts that will be conveyed effectively.

Color Trends

Color trends for 2019 are somewhat similar to 2018 as the color theories are to be followed and the colors are to be chosen purposefully to deliver ideas. Either you choose to make your logo online with online logo designing apps or you hire a designer, colors are difficult to make. Colors are what paint the identity of a brand and this is what sometimes makes it difficult for the brands to select colors for logos. However, understanding your brand as well as your audience along with the theories about color psychology makes the choice easy.

These are a few major trends that are going to rein the logo design industry in the coming year 2019. If you are planning to launch your new project or your business in the coming year, make sure your logo is braced with the above-mentioned characteristics to guarantee success.




The Death Of Animation And How To Avoid It


Animation has taken digital marketing industry by storm. It is spreading gems of outcomes and benefiting companies on both small and large scale with optimum productivity. Any moving figure or font is eye-catching and liked by the viewer. An online user would prefer to read, interact and check the video or content having motion graphics more than preferring the static content.

Animation is often misused or used in a way that its full potential is not revealed. Due to this fact, many animators fear the death of it in the nearer times. In the urge to appeal the customers, people are creating quick and easy animation techniques. Those techniques are leaving a bad influence over the entire animation methods. Many novice animators prefer to use quick animation builders that has the same icons, features, and templates. There is no innovation being introduced into the industry. People think that by putting a common character into the video is enough to increase the overall ROI of the brand though it’s actually in some ways is working too.

Animation is not about adding characters into your brand or building up the foundation of your marketing keeping a character as the main brand face. Animation is all about creativity. Even if you use a font, use it in a way that it depicts creativity. From the design to layouts, content to color combination, every factor influences animation. If you plan on creating a brand’s video, you must focus on adding the real essence to the video. You need to create a strategy that can build a progressive foundation for your animated video. You have to take time out to create a unique animated character because by copying other’s animation you do not only influences the animation industry in a negative way but you create a ditch for your own brand.

Nowadays, people are using techniques that only encourage the use of easy to make characters, and animation. There is no urge to create innovations within the animation; no new idea is being pitched. It seems like everybody is following the herd. If one creates an image with sharp colors and makes fortunes then other will surely do that too.  That’s what is happening in the industry, today, the drive for innovation seems to fade away.

One more thing that marks the fading off of animation is in the entertainment industry. There as a time when cartoon making was the passion of most animators. Now the only a handful of creators are investing their time in making cartoons while others are drawn towards becoming an explainer video animator. The launch of Wall-E, a movie of a robot, marks the excellence of what remains in the industry. By pondering on the work of such exceptional artists, it seems that animation can take off again in the entertainment industry.

Animation is simple yet confusing. It requires creativity and talent packed with skills to produce something appropriate and alluring. With animation, you can take your brand’s name to sky height only if you manage to add innovation, uniqueness, and novelty within your creation. Animation can be more than just character making. A simple line movement is also part of animating. One needs to understand the broad avenue of animation. From the use of simple colors to adding motion in everything that can ease your work. Most static websites are turned into fully responsive and ultra-sleek interface just by adding a little more innovation and creativity, which is together called animation.

Despite battling the struggle to beat your rivals, you should ponder on inventing new ideas and creativity in animation. You need to come up with a better plan to counter the efforts of your competitors. Stick to pure animation, where sleek display, creativity, and interesting characterization is aimed.

Even if you plan on making an explainer video add uniqueness in terms of animation and skills. Your work should mark your excellence and that will take your brand’s name to the top charts without any hassle. Moreover, with animation, you can boost your brand recognition. Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and bring your ideas to live in no time. You can raise the bar higher and give new competition to your rivals.