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We are living in the age of technology where everything in the world is truly dependent on it. Therefore, even in the business organization, education sector, government departments and in other fields you just name it. So, laptop and desktop computer machines connected to the cyberspace are everywhere, especially in the corporate sector.

So, employers use it for the productivity of their business.  However, a computer device sometimes really becomes a headache for business executives especially when employees waste time within working hours in many ways. They do text conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and many other activities alike with the use of social media apps and websites on company’s owned PCs.

Therefore, the productivity of the company starts shaken and ultimately it really affects the revenue at the end of the day. Moreover, business trade secrets and data stored into the machines always at stake due to cyber ransom ware attacks.

However, dishonest employees also can steal business confidential documents and can sell it to make easy money. Therefore, employers, these days are looking forward to having the best spy software for professional computer machines. All they need to use the computer monitoring software to monitor employee’s professional company’s owned laptop and desktop devices.

Install Computer spy software on company’s owned professional computer

Just put your all worries to rest and follow the following mentioned steps in order to install best monitoring app for professional computers. Let’s go without wasting time to the installation process.

Step1: Subscribe for surveillance software for professional PC

Initially, all you need to do is to visit the web and further visit the spy app for Windows and MAC. Once you have subscribed online you will receive an email along with the credentials in terms of passcode and ID. Now you need to install it on your target windows or MAC laptop or desktop computer machine.

Step2: Get physical access on your target computer

Now you need to have physical access on the target device and once you have it then get started with the installation process. When you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. While you are doing an activation process then you a pop up will appear on the screen of your target device.

It will assist you to make the tracking software for professional computer sneaky and just follow the instruction. However, you can skip this particular and simply activate it on the target desktop window device.

Step3: Get access to the electronic control panel

Now you need to use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription use it and access to the web portal the spy app for windows and MAC professional laptop and desktop computer devices.

Then you can visit the multiple features that allow the end user to track professional windows laptop devices. Let’s discuss all the monitoring tools that empower you to track each and every single activity happens on the target computer machine.

Surveillance spyware for professional Computer features

Windows monitoring app features

Block websites

You can Block websites of your employees professional windows laptop and desktop device. Just need to copy the URLs of in appropriate time wasting websites and past into the filters.

User –friendly reports

You can get reports of all the activity happen on the target user professional computer in terms of user –friendly reports logs. You can get activity logs, emails, visited apps and websites and alarms logs.

Invisible Mode of tracking

You can monitor all the activities happen on your target desktop windows machine in a sneaky way.

Real –Time Monitoring

You can monitor target user activities on windows laptop machine in real-time

MAC tracking app features

Camera Bug

Remotely get control over the target MAC professional MAC laptop device camera and get to know who is up to it.


Remotely control target MAC device MIC and record and listen to the surround conversations and sounds.

Screen recording

You can monitor the activities of the target user on target MAC laptop desktop device screen in real –time and stay up dated.


Tracking app for professional PC is an ultimate, powerful and reliable tool to monitor all the activities happens on your target computer device running with Windows and MAC operating system.

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