5 Tips for Growing Tech Managers


The Wall Street Journal starting late incorporated an eminent article, “Do Techies Make Good Leaders?“by Robert M. Fulmer and Byron Hanson both of Duke Corporate Education, a branch of Duke University’s Fugua School of Business. According to the article, some characteristic reasons tech associations disregard to make fruitful pioneers fuse the speed of the business’ improvement close by the capacity it draws, e.g. young geeks with establishments in science and structuring.

Notwithstanding the obstacles, the skillful tech association can create reasonable supervisory gatherings. Following is a summary of the makers’ tips developed by mine: you may also read Who’s Winning the Latest Tech Industry Battles?

1. Formalize Management Development Processes: If a tech association is in startup mode, it may be unfavorable to set up a sorted out planning system to make directors. Be that as it may, at that point, an outrageous to see minute unavoidably comes when formalized organization headway ought to be presented. The article essayists urge associations to keep an eye out for the moving toward prerequisite for structure around there.

The peril of missing the charm minute, according to Fulmer and Hanson, is that laborer upkeep bears a shot without capable organization. I would incorporate that proficiency and undertaking course of action with association destinations are in like manner in peril with incompetent pioneers.

2) What Gets Measured Gets Done: The writers raise that the nerd people acknowledges data, so use it to get the yearning results. Measure the officials practices as a strategy for passing on the hugeness of this piece of the tech overseer’s action. Models Fulmer and Hanson give fuse gathering information, for instance, what number of execution reviews an overseer has completed and adding an organization class to the execution study of the chief. That constantly gets thought!

I in like manner like the procedure of evaluating conduct change post-getting ready. In case an association trains directors to give ordinary contribution to their prompt reports about their execution, it could lead post-getting ready survey of specialists to find how much of the time arranged boss give positive analysis – the slightest requesting sort of contribution to pass on and give insights about. Understanding that an estimation program is set up will all in all convey results.

3) Place Value on Leadership and Mentoring: as anybody may expect, nerds will all in all find satisfaction in the specific parts of their work. When best in class, drawing a long way from particular activities and focusing on the board practices like orchestrating, organizing and preparing aren’t as satisfying. Thusly tech associations need to take extra thought to fortify and remunerate the board and coaching rehearses as much as they spotlight particular endowments and accomplishments.

As we likely am mindful from adequate research on compensations, these should be balanced per individual. Mary may love the mind-boggling adulation at a workforce meeting while John may pull back at general society thought and lean toward sincere praise from his administrator. Despite the strategy, the guarantee to perceive and compensate the officials and training starts at the best and needs to penetrate to all elements of the affiliation.

4) Match Training Methods to Techies: This doesn’t mean lead exclusively online getting ready for the specific boss. It implies making it speedy paced, moved and critical – including best practices from arranged executives. Competition and genuine issues keep understudies possessed with the arrangement.

5) Select thinking about Management: One thing that didn’t get referenced in the article is the activity that fundamental capacity screening plays in the administrators headway. One of my best tech clients makes its action of making tech chiefs less requesting from the begin; well past gathering specific criteria for a position everyone in the association is screened for social capacities.

If a cheerful can simply talk technical discussion, they don’t go further in the gathering method. Sounds direct however most tech associations don’t make this a key acquiring criteria. In case this sounds like your firm and you have to impact a move to consider the going with advances:

Examine your arrangements of desires. Patch up capacities to join astounding social capacities.

If your present chiefs are tech strong and correspondences capacities fragile, they may obtain people, for example, themselves, further obliging the capacity pool in your affiliation. If that is the circumstance, have someone in Human Resources or an external resource do major screening for tech positions to guarantee your association is being fed the best probability for future organization positions.

Give social capacities getting ready to your current supervisory team. Not only will they be logically ground-breaking in watching out for their gathering and your clients (external and inside,) they’ll be showing capacities for their prompt reports. Consider social capacities getting ready for ebb and flow tech agents as well in order to manufacture situate quality.
If you need any type of information, tips, tricks, suggestions, help, assistance and guidance about Technology then feel free to get all the Latest Tech News UK. Here you will have the best sources of information and details you can share with your friends either.

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How to Use Unlocker 1.9.0 To Delete Files and Folders


If you love to use a computer and your system is making disturbance with you when you are using your system, you are unable to delete any file or folder from the system then we are here to help you. In this article, you will learn about how to Delete Folder and Files from a system with the help unlocker 1.9.2 For PC and Windows. No Worries Which version of windows you are using it is compatible with all version of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 And Windows XP/Vista.

When You debugged a program, it creates some error and that means you have not completed the program. Also, some error has not a solution for their handling and Cannot Delete Folder is also such type of error. it is integrated with the windows shell which always helps you to close the programs. Whenever you get an error of access denied to file or folder there must be the sharing violation or the program which you are trying to access is used by other users.

The Tool is very lightweight and it does not slow down the performance of your system because it is designed for the PC weither High performance or low performance. Don’t Waste your time just use unlocker 1.9.2 which help you to delete all type of can’t delete folders. So, without wasting more time just have a look on how to Use Unlocker to delete the files and folder which you can’t delete manually.

Make sure that you have installed this application in Your system if you have not then Click Here to Download the Unlocker For Windows Or PC.

Whenever You See the Following error You can now understand which reason is behind this.

It can also show the Follow error:

  • Cannot delete file: Access is denied.
  • There has been a sharing violation.
  • The source or target file may be in use of another user.
  • The file which you are going to access is in use by another program or user.
  • Make sure that your disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use of any other user.

Delete Those File Which Shows This Error with Unlocker:

Step 1:   Just right Click on the file or folder which you can’t delete and there is an option for unlocker just select that.

Step 2:  If the file or folder you are going to delete is locked, then a window listing of lockers will appear.

Step 3:  After All the process then you will click on the Unlock and You have done all the process.

Why Unlocker is the best choice for everyone:

This is recommended option for everyone on behalf of this website because it contains the following features which help the users to easily delete the files or folder.

  • It Has Close Handle.
  • It can kill the process.
  • It can Unload the DLL of Program.
  • It can successfully delete the index.dat
  • It can delete rename move.
  • Invalid name issues can be solved with this.
  • You can Do all these tasks without the reboot.
  • It is free to use.
  • It has the Context Menu.

If we talk about the license of this tool then Unlocker has freeware license which means you can use it for free and it will remain free for users which helps them in many different purposes. If you are happy with their features you can make the donation of a small amount for the motivation of the developers. So, don’t waste your time just download the application and make your system error-less and enjoy the high performance of the system.

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Overview of Huawei FreeBuds Fully Wireless Headphones

Know the Difference between Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Know the Difference between Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting


Web hosting industry is getting augmented and this leads to introduction of several types of web hosting solutions. Due to this, users find it tough to select which web hosting solution is best for their website.

There are many web hosting solutions which are popular and among them the two that are most preferred are – Unlimited and WordPress hosting. If you want to know the differences between these two hosting solutions then check this article to clear your confusion.


Unlimited web hosting is known for small blog or medium websites, it is frequently used hosting solution as it provides unlimited resources that too at affordable cost.

If your website requires unlimited resources like disk storage, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. Then you can consider this type of hosting solution to host your website.

WordPress hosting is famous for bloggers and often used for content publishing. It offers two types of services – one is self hosting WordPress hosting and second is free WordPress hosting.

Free WordPress hosting comprises of limited features, whereas self – hosted WordPress hosting comprises of plenty of features that make your website or blog more awesome. In self – hosted WordPress hosting, you rent a space on server and host your website or blog.

Benefits of unlimited hosting

Unlimited hosting has various advantages in terms of resources and price.

  • In unlimited hosting, size of the website doesn’t matter as you get unlimited resources to store data.
  • You will get enough space to store your data. Because of this, you will never face issue like disk space full.
  • In this type of hosting solution, you can utilize any CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Magento, etc.

Benefits of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting takes your website or blog to another level by improving the performance.

  • In WordPress hosting, automatic backup of your website is taken. Incase of emergencies like server crashes or data loss, etc. you can store your website easily.
  • Your WordPress hosting provider will help you on issues like updates,  plugins, themes and other technical issues.

Which One is Best for Your Website? Unlimited hosting or WordPress hosting?

As I said before, both the hosting solutions have their own specialty and uniqueness. Check below the explanation to know which one you should use for your website.  

Unlimited hosting

Imagine you are an owner of eCommerce website, a website that receives heavy traffic or started a new website that you want to host with unlimited access to the resources on the server. If you are meeting this mentioned requirement in your chosen host then Unlimited Web Hosting Plans are best for you.

Features vary provider to provider but some common features are mentioned below to give you an idea about what you should look in unlimited plan.

  • Host unlimited websites
  • Lifetime free domain
  • Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate
  • cPanel
  • Email accounts, etc.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting name itself will tell you it’s usage. If you are planning to start a blog or website using WordPress then opt for Cheap WordPress Hosting in India. WordPress hosting comprises of multiple features that will help newbies or professionals to setup a website immediately with the help of web hosting provider.

This type of hosting is suitable for all types of websites. It provides billion of plugins and themes that you can use to set up your website. As we all know that WordPress is SEO friendly it helps your website to rank on the top in search engine with no time.

Take a look at features that you should monitor while buying WordPress hosting:

  • Number of websites allow to host
  • Free domain (This feature varies provider to provider)
  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Email accounts
  • Jetpack version (Free or paid)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Server level caching
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Preconfigured WordPress
  • Fast provisioning
  • Secure email

Some WordPress hosting providers also offers technical features. If you are getting those features in minimal price then you can buy that plan.

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • GZIP/Brotli compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP – CLI
  • Daily backup
  • CDN
  • Cloning
  • Caching
  • Server – side optimization  


I would like to conclude this article and hope you will choose wisely between the two hosting solutions for your business website. Study thoroughly before selecting the plans and web hosting provider. You can also check review sites to know more and can ask for the suggestions from the experts.  


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New technologies, The domestic, The house of the future And Transhumanism
5 most secure and private browsers for Android
Top Skills of a Web Designer Today


New technologies, The domestic, The house of the future And Transhumanism


A little skeptical, let’s face it, because of our house, our “home”.

Well! We do not necessarily want an intruder who rummages or worse who manages our intimate habits! But let yourself be caught up in the game of our staging below and discover the advantages of home automation:

“In the morning, my home automation box checks my Google calendar to see if I’m working: if so, she turns on the towel dryer half an hour before I get up, to get a hot towel out of the shower. She wakes me up gradually increasing the light of the room and lights the kitchen, ready to greet me with a coffee already filled …

The shutters, they will open at sunrise. I have lunch, go to the bathroom, then if I wait, my home box, and vocally reminds me that it’s time to go to work. Besides my gate is already open and waiting for my departure to close behind me.

As my home box is connected to the GPS of my phone, my house knows that I left: it then turns off all the devices that would have remained on and triggers the alarm.

It must be admitted that home automation has an interest in three main areas:


Today, a smart home is able to know when you come home, and therefore to open the portal before you even arrive. The shutters can open and close to the rhythm of the sun, your heating can adapt according to the seasons. It is even possible to automatically broadcast your favorite music playlist.

During this time, a robot can vacuum for you, and the automatic watering system will irrigate your garden while taking into account the weather forecast for the next few days.

Energy savings

Your home becomes smart and therefore manages your energy consumption. To do this, the devices in your home are connected to a central computer through WiFi, a network of cables or an electrical network. All you have to do is enter the memory of applications such as shutter closing, lighting off, heating programming, alarm activation, etc.

So your shutters, your heating, are managed by the home automation system which allows you to save energy, and therefore money without intervention on your part. All of these possibilities allow you to reduce your energy costs by 6 to 10%.  The all saving energy home appliance you can buy at my deal Australia the biggest online store has a huge list of new home technology.


One of his basic rules: “animate” your house as if you were there, whether you work or go on vacation. Even in your absence, shutters continue to open, music can be played, and lights on randomly to deter unwanted intrusions. But home automation can also serve you in case of disaster: a detection of water leakage, the box can automatically cut the water supply to avoid major damage; or even a fire detection.

Automate your appliances and electrical components for better energy management and improve your everyday life in a simple and effective way … home automation is a new way of life…

Transhumanism to go to a new human

The term “transhumanism” was coined in 1957 by Julian Huxley, the brother of the author of the famous novel The Brave New World. It is a movement born in California, at the crossroads of sixties cultures and the development of computer science.

Today, it has taken a much larger scale and questions scientists and philosophers around the world. Transhumanist thinking is based on the idea that technological progress can improve our daily lives and transcend our human nature.

Transhumanists observe that Man, as we know him today, is not a fixed being. It is transformable, improbable. For thousands of years, natural selection has been busy adapting it to its environment. Today, man would be able to take control of his destiny and develop himself.

The singularitarians want to build a world in which the human would have passed biological death. How? By improving the body, failing by nature, thanks to machines. By transforming the genome or recomposing the DNA. Even for the most daring, by getting rid of the physical limits as much as possible by downloading thought and human consciousness into a computer.

Pragmatists have a more cautious view. This translates into repair and improvement technologies offering only a progressing overtaking of our current human condition: thought-controlled prostheses, artificial hearts, bionic eyes, etc.

Should we be afraid of transhumanism?

Transhumanism crystallizes many fears and flirts with delicate ethical issues. It generates as much enthusiasm as criticism. One can detect, in the common fears associated with the movement, the myth of Frankenstein. It is the fear that human creations will turn against man.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and research on the symbiosis between the human brain and digital networks open new unknown dimensions and formidable possibilities … provided they are mastered.

And yet transhumanism is already present. The world of sport is an environment in which these technologies are observed daily, without even knowing it. A picture of Oscar Pistorius, more and more disabled athletes practice their discipline through highly sophisticated prostheses. They are true extensions of their members who, if they were not clamped deliberately, often far exceed the capabilities of lambda sports.

With the Techno-progressist Declaration, which she co-signed, the French association Technoprog declares: “The world is unacceptably inegalitarian and dangerous. Emerging technologies could make it a lot better, or worse. Unfortunately, too few people today understand the dimension of the threats or benefits that humanity faces. “. Transhumanism opens the door to a new human, Man 2.0. But what will he do with technological progress?


The Best Way to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap at Hudson
Top Skills of a Web Designer Today

 5 most secure and private browsers for Android

4 Best Mobile App Development Tools  



The Best Way to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap at Hubsoon


Buy Instagram followers and appearance into views to seize simplest wonderful quality followers and likes in your Instagram account, conjointly allow you to certainly get detected as social seller methods.

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How to get Instagram followers

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Buy cheap Instagram followers from IG-UP can kinda wonderful image of any activity among Instagram users, it suggests that all told countries of the planet. One ought to bear in mind concerning the constant change of the photos to stay the stream of the followers on the highest.

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Real Instagram followers

Such a campaign is that the strongest guarantee of constant incomes from the publicized activity. Instagram fame achieved with such ways in which as followers and likes are increasing on every occasion. So, the most task of effective promotion building is keeping the very best rates of likes and followers on Instagram.

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Why should to I buy Instagram followers?

The new possibility authorizing tagging photos provides added prospects for a photograph to be viewed. Tagging photos bring further likes and followers. The opportunities for Instagram participation in Secondary in Nursing advertising method are counted higher than. To use them with the best effectiveness one would possibly collaborate with the boostlize.com.

Buying real packages thereon braces the positions of a business promoting on Instagram. The liableness of the HUBSOON is proved by the productive know-how of various users. One dreadfully vital issue is that the risk of Instagram mixing into Facebook. Putting the pic with hashtags can facilitate to assure a fast and economical advertising method for a business. Abuse Instagram choices could be a nice selection for business and private development.


Top Skills of a Web Designer Today

5 most secure and private browsers for Android

Guest blogging is a powerful tool for SEO


Top Skills of a Web Designer Today


How to choose the best web designer? The web designer is an indispensable professional for the online presence of companies and other subjects with public visibility.

He is responsible for the project and the artistic and technical development of a website.

It makes choices on the style, on the navigation structure to make the user’s browsing experience optimal.

In this article, you will find out what a Web Designer is and what to expect from him.

You will also learn to understand that there are skills common to all and other variables from professional to professional, which are and how to orient yourself in this sea of possibilities.

There are two main tasks of a Web Designer:

  • designing visual communication on our website
  • encode in web language (with HTML code) creating the single pages of a site

The first is a fundamental requirement, the second is not always. Or rather, it depends on what you need.

But then, what does a web designer really need to do?

The basic prerogatives of a web designer are to know the principles of UX (User Experience), Accessibility (especially if you work for PA), graphic design (which is hardly separable from UX), graphics software for the design of the interfaces and the production of the graphics “pieces” they need.

Then, only then, must possess the programming skills.

This, of course, at a theoretical level.

The speech can be different if we talk about freelancing.

A freelancer often finds himself working alone and is naturally more inclined to hybridize his skills.

So we could say that a freelance web designer, in principle, should be able to follow a project from beginning to end, in its specific skills.

Why in its specific skills?

We’ll explain it to you with an example:

Imagine a Web Designer who is contacted by the lawyer who works downstairs to make him the website.

In this case, it is likely that the web designer does not make “only” the design of the site.

It will also deal with a whole series of services: from domain registration to the creation of email boxes, from the choice of hosting to the installation – for example – of WordPress, from the site structure to the graphics, the treatment of the photos and so on.

Here, suppose that for some reason his client asks him to use not WordPress but another platform: it is not said that freelance can do it.

But not for this, it can be said that it is not prepared!

How to choose the best Web Designer for your business

The first advice, even before creating an ad to search for a Freelance Web Designer, is asking yourself the question: what do I want to do?

It makes no sense to program a platform from scratch, spending time and money, if with a ready theme you can have an equally professional website: the extra expense is nothing but waste.

So unless you have special requests or automatisms to create, look for a Web Designer that can put you online, guaranteeing you with an already existing theme appropriately modified, visibility, SEO and Newsletter.

There is no harm in using, for a customer without special technical needs, an already existing theme to prepare a new website.

On the other hand, it may be advisable to hire a Web Developer together with the web designer, in case it is necessary to prepare information and design choices.

This is because, as we said before, a Web Designer is not a programmer.

Do not ask them to know server-side languages (PHP, .net, java, c ++), to have skills in 3D or to correctly configure a Server.

These are tasks that are the responsibility of the programmer, in this case, a Web Developer or Web Developer.

Which, in turn, is not a Web Designer.

The developer does not take care of the graphic layout of a site, it is not necessarily a creative person, nor a visual communication expert.

But then, as a freelance professional, do we have to choose if we want an internet site for our online presence? As we said, it depends.

Depends on what?

Essentially from necessities, objectives, starting points.

We will try below to list a couple of scenarios and their respective solutions, without pretending to be perfect and comprehensive. Essentially we have identified three limit cases:


You need to present your business through a website. Almost all freelance Web designers are able to give you what you need: to help you choose a Hosting, register a Domain, set up Email, and create a professional Website with a standard CMS technology like WordPress.


You need a new website whose functionality is not standard and should be tailored to your specific activity. For example, you want the site to dialogue with your management system to provide an area reserved for customers or employees.


You want to add new features to your website, or the Web project you want to create does not currently require a particular graphic appeal.

A very varied universe

Before going into details of the various specializations it is better to clarify a fundamental point.

It is very easy to find Web Designer hybrids, which are halfway between Web Design and other disciplines.

This is natural, because the Web Designer normally comes into contact with other disciplines and, if he does not become an expert, at least he must understand the language.

So it happens that a Web Designer can take a little ‘hand (we say affectionately) and end up specializing so much that at some point no longer knows whether it is more a Web Designer or more something else.

Here is a scheme to give you an idea of what the areas in which a Web Designer can end up being contaminated. Of course, this can be useful because for your project, or for your idea, you may need a professional who is at ease with Web Design and a Web Designer is often “hybrid”. The specialties that could cover are Code and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Identity, Conversion Optimization, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing. But also Systems, Affiliate Marketing.

If it is true that a freelance Web Designer is often “contaminated” with other disciplines, it is also true that some of them can be “100% pure”. We are talking about Web Designers who are “just” the project, the design of the website, without daring to touch even a line of code.

So the first question you have to ask when you’re looking for help with your idea, for your Web project, is: “Do I need a pure figure or a hybrid?” And then, in the second case: “What kind of hybrid do I need?”

Having said that, let’s move on to the various specialties. The most common hybrid Web Designer is the one who does not disdain to get his hands on the code. Let’s start from this…

The Web Designer can know how to write programming code, but it is not a programmer

Do not be scared, we do not go exactly to the technician. But this fact of the code, yes, you must know.

Websites, perhaps before we have taken it for granted, are written following a code in one of the markup languages.

The code must be as clean and logical as possible, to be able to intervene with any changes without having to face a real puzzle.

Because it’s true: the client will hardly go to see the work “behind the scenes” because little would understand.

However, it could require, for example, a different seasonal version (Christmas or Easter) of the layout.

However, it may be necessary to intervene directly on the code, for any reason.

And a logical and clean code allows you to do it quickly and with the guaranteed final result.

In some cases, it is, therefore, necessary to search for a web designer who also has skills in markup languages (X) HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery.

In short, a markup language is a set of rules that describe how to represent a text. The following are standard conventions and can be used on different supports.

Or, as we suggested before, you can choose to make the web designer work in tandem with the web developer.

The web designer today: a profession that must be in step with the times

Among the skills that a web designer must have today, there are surely Responsive Web Design, elements of graphic design, communication and knowledge of the W3C standard rules.

But let’s go in order, to know exactly what to ask the freelance professional before hiring him for one of our projects.

Responsive web design is the optimization of the website for mobile devices.

Or, rather, it is the set of techniques that allows you to create websites that can automatically adapt to the device on which they are displayed.

Whether they are computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, thanks to the responsive design, the user’s manual intervention is reduced to a minimum to resize or scroll through the contents.

Knowing the RWD (Responsive Web Design) is therefore very important for some years now: on average there are 21.1 million Italians who connect to the internet with a mobile device.

In order for our site to be easily accessible from smartphones and tablets as well as PCs, the web designer we hire must know responsive design.

We think about the damage of image or even economic that we could have today with a site not optimized for different devices!

So well, many web designers will smile and take it for granted, but the customer does not always know that he must create a responsive website.

The web designer must know how to design usable and accessible sites and understand the client’s business

The standard grammar of the W3C is an important and certainly necessary skill for the realization of a whole category of sites (think for example to the Public Administrations).

What is it for?

Building websites based on these standards makes them compatible and navigable in the most uniform way possible, regardless of the browser used or the computer system.

The acronym W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium and is an international organization founded in 1994 with the aim of developing all the potentials of the web and, above all, of establishing technical standards.

Standard that the Web Designer must know very well if it is addressed to Public Administrations, but it is good to know even if its customers are private.

Usability and accessibility are therefore two keywords in the field of website design.

When we choose our Freelance Web Designer, let us make sure that it really knows how important it is to create a usable and accessible website.

A Website is accessible if it is able to use the greatest number of people.

People who are able-bodied and people with physical disabilities (visually impaired, for example) or cognitive.

To create an accessible site there are standard rules and guidelines defined by the WAI, the W3C working group that we mentioned earlier.

A site is considered usable if it is easy to interact with its pages and its structure.

The contents of our site must be designed in such a way as to be easily viewable and understandable.

In private, especially for small businesses, it may not be necessary to create an accessible site (while it is mandatory, for example, for the Public Administration).

It is certainly necessary, instead, to create a usable or user-friendly site.

And this a Web Designer knows it.

So, if the user experience and responsiveness are discounted concepts, things that are much more important for the customer are not discounted.

Today’s Web Designer must:

  • Know how to understand first of all the values and the business model of the client
  • Talk to him with the same language to consistently understand the objectives
  • Designing the website by making the most appropriate technical, structural and communication choices.


In the field of Web Design, basic and “ancillary” skills are many and difficult to place in universally recognized standards.

For your idea, start by identifying development goals and priorities. Next, understand these “keywords”, look for a Web Designer with the right attributes.

Author Bio:

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5 most secure and private browsers for Android

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5 most secure and private browsers for Android


You must be aware that companies and third parties are using our data without consent. That is not only unethical but illegal. But these companies are so powerful that we cannot do anything about it – no, we can. We can completely secure our data and our browsing habits and interests.

Remarkably the process is quite simple. All you have to do is download a secure browser app. A VPN app encrypts your data, your IP and all your internet surfing activities. You can completely hide your digital footprint.

There are dozens of companies that are offering secure browsing options and if you are concerned about them, you should take a look immediately. For this can be important. Your data is sacred,

it is private, and no one has the right to it and certainly not the big companies. Data gathering is as good as spy. Let’s stop this menace once and for all.

If you have some recommendations about these apps, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section or through our contact page. Thanks to Steve Clarke from No Hassle Mobile Phones for recommending Brave Browser to us, we are currently reviewing the browser and will be posting a full review soon.

Until then, you can see what we have got here. We searched and researched meticulously to bring you the best of the best. And believe me, it was no easy task. Here are five most secure browsers for Android. Enjoy.

  1. Firefox Focus

The Focus browser is another masterpiece by Mozilla – a giant browser company. Like all the other browsers of the company, it comes filled with features and options.

Focus is a standard private browser application. It is simple but it does the job perfectly. It erases all your data from your internet sessions the moment you close your browser.

In case you have a session open the browser will send you a notification alerting you to the fact. This means that you will completely aware of any activity and when handing over your phone to someone, you can close it.

  1. InBrowser

InBrowser is in a perpetual state of incognito mode. It has a cloaking mechanism that won’t even recognize your device. With further settings, the browser won’t be able to tell whether you are using a mobile or not, thus mobile sites won’t be shown and you will get a full site.

Upon exiting the app, everything including your data, logins, browsing history will be cleared. And the app would store nothing. It would be a clean slate when you open the browser next time.

  1. Firefox for Android

Firefox browser for Android might not be a privacy browser strictly speaking, but it is still worthy of being included in this list. It is a solid browser that is feature packed and with some great settings for privacy.

Using some add-ons you can make your Android browser completely secure. The reason we recommend this browser is because it is wholesome. With few tweaks, you get airtight privacy and one of the best browsers, if not the best, in the world.

The reason we included Firefox for Android is that it is an all-purpose browser. Whilst it is highly recommended that you use it for your ‘regular’ browsing, why not use the same thing for private browsing as well? – it is doubly convenient.

  1. Frost Incognito Browser

The Frost Incognito Browser is quick, swift and to the point. It is completely free and all it does is that it deletes your cookies, surfing activity, and browsing history simultaneously as you use the internet.

Frost Incognito Browser is always in incognito mode. It also comes with a default app for ad blocking. You can browse with multiple tabs and switch between them. Another plus for incognito mode is that you can open separate activities,

Even private from each other. For example, if you are surfing two websites, no technology will be able to track even your fake IP to those two websites. Incognito mode was invented so that multiple people can use the same browser and not walk over each other’s bookmarks and saved passwords.

  1. Privacy Browser

Privacy Browser is a great app, it says right there in the name that it focuses on privacy. It hides your data and history while you are browsing. The company says they do not store or keep any of your data.

The Privacy Browser supports TOR as well. It automatically blocks all your ads. Although you are given extensive preference and customization options, the default settings are quite strong and focused on privacy.

You can find the browser app on Google Play, XDA Labs, Amazon Appstore, and F-Droid. Privacy browser has some paid add-ons but other than that it is completely free. Lightning fast, secure and free.


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5 Chrome Security Extensions to Make Browsing Safer



5 Chrome Security Extensions to Make Browsing Safer


Hackers, hackers, everywhere!

While the Internet is a blessing, it has brought with it a set of threats that we have to face on daily basis. From secret admirers to hackers, some people have converted the Internet into a nuisance. Well, there is not much that can be done about it.

We cannot restrict ourselves from surfing on the Internet. From browsing social media websites to googling something for an assignment, the Internet has become a necessity.

To add to it, services like Charter Spectrum Internet have made accessing the web easier. While we cannot keep ourselves away from this addiction we call the Internet, there are ways we can protect ourselves from the ‘bad boys.’ Here are a couple of Chrome security extensions that you can install for a safer online browsing experience.


Dubbed as one of the most reliable extensions, Ghostery is the favorite amongst many when it comes to privacy protection online. The extension makes sure that any and all the trackers on a website are deleted, making the browsing experience safe for you.

How it will do is by saving all the relevant information that there is regarding a tracker. You can then choose to view all the details of every individual tracker.

Doing so will help you to learn how each tracker works. You do not have to worry about these trackers anymore. From social media to analytics, Ghostery is capable of every and any type of data tracker that is attached to a website or a page.

However, you should remember that once you install this extension, it will disable all trackers automatically. You can choose to enable some trackers to extract your data if you please. That depends on your discretion.

Avast Online Security

Next up on the list is Avast Online Security. This extension protects you against online phishing scams and fake websites. Every time you visit a website, Avast will warn you if it is safe to continue browsing on it or not.

It will also indicate if the website has a bad reputation. You can then choose to exit the website. Apart from all this, installing this extension will also warn you if you are being tracked. Therefore, installing Avast Online Security comes with the following benefits:

  • Escape/avoid malicious websites
  • Spot and block traders
  • Get safer search results

The extension gathers feedback from the users and till date has about 400 Million reviews of various websites that the users have submitted. Based on this data, the Avast warns you if it is skeptical about a certain website. You just need to enable the ‘Do Not Track Me’ feature to keep the websites from tracking you.


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Simple Blocker

Originally the idea behind this extension was for students to be able to block social networking websites so they can concentrate on their studies. This extension has a timer feature that allows you to block a website for a certain period of time and return to it at the end of the specified time. Hence, making Simple Blocker a good parental guidance tool.

It has a very user-friendly interface and the installation does not take more than a couple of seconds. Apart from all this, the extension has a blacklist that you can refer to while you browse online.

This enables you to block the websites that are not safe. Simple Blocker will also send constant warnings to you if you are visiting a page frequently that happens to carry some malicious content.


Enjoy a faster and a safer Internet with Disconnect. The company guarantees you that it does not track or sell your data to anyone. If you want to keep your data secure from cyber criminals or government agencies, then Disconnect should be your go-to tool.

Apart from protecting you from online trackers, the VPN technology introduced by the company protects your online information from wireless eavesdroppers. This feature protects you from hackers that may extract your information when you connect your device to a public Wi-Fi. The extension also protects you from mal-advertising apart from data tracking.


Among the many services that Netcraft offers, a few are below:

  • Anti-fraud
  • Anti-phishing
  • Application testing
  • PCI scanning

Talking about the security of a user online, Netcraft sends out a warning to the person every time he/she logs in to a malicious website. Just like Simple Blocker, Netcraft too has a community of users who keep contributing to the ‘blacklist’ websites list.

Therefore, every time the extension thinks that you are browsing through a website that can pose danger, it will send out a warning to you. Users also get a chance to report that particular website using this extension.

It is crucial for you to install anyone from the above-mentioned extensions to protect yourself against online phishers. Just like Spectrum Customer Support guides its beloved subscribers well, these extensions are there to guide you for your safe online browsing experience.

Tips for Video Marketing for Application Developers


You have this new idea for an exciting application. Ask application developers to create it. All your friends are testing the app and are thrilled. You are very excited because this app will change your life. But … after successfully uploading your app to the Apple Store and Google Play, it does not receive any more attention. What is going on? What do you have to do?

Internet marketing specialists call it App Store Optimization (ASO), which is the process of improving the visibility of your mobile app.

If you are not optimized, your target audience will not find or open your app page. Right now, your rivals do not waste time; they collect and insert special keywords, write compelling screenplays and show engaging videos. This increases their popularity and brings traffic to their pages.

And yes, videos are a huge part of this optimization. Both the App Store and Google Play allow you to preview videos of your app to give customers a sneak peek at your product. Unlike still images, videos clearly show how your app works.

The version of iOS 11 introduces two important changes to the App Store:

Automatic playback of videos on the product page and on the search results page

  • The increase from two to three screens
  • Why Create Video Preview Applications

There are millions of applications, and you have to compete to get the attention of Apple Store and Google Play. To do this, you must tell your story by actively showing the benefits of your app.

If you are part of a group of application developers you need short videos that show the features and functionality of your application, including the user interface. Videos must be fun, exciting, informative, practical and/or educational 

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Video App preview in iOS

The most important change introduced by iOS 11 is the ability to add up to three videos located on the product page and on the search results page. These videos will start automatically (auto-play), to attract attention, which makes it even more important to have preview videos for your compelling application.

When you type a search word, the first applications will be listed with each of the three screens instead of two. This way you will have more opportunities to show your application on the search results page.

As you go through the search results, the videos of the applications will start automatically. Once the video is finished, it will start again automatically.

With these changes, videos suddenly offer the best opportunity to optimize your ranking and visibility on the app store and search engine.

How tech advancement will affect you and what you should do


As the world starts shifting to automation and digitalize have you thought of what the world will become in the near future? People losing their job and replaced by robot or machine. Where can all these people go to? So, have you thought of how technology advancement will affect you and what you should do for your future?

How technology advancement will affect you?

Are you in banking, accounting, or job that are easily replace by robot or automation in the near future? Do you know you are at risk of losing your job?

In the past, many of us wanted to go into accounting, business or banking as it has quite a stable job back then. Now those who went into that field are at risk of losing their job and stuck with unable to find a new job.

Most people will go into a freelance job or start their own business after that. Which will give rise to the competition in the market. Are you ready to face this competition in the near future?

What should we start to do for our future?

Building our public identity is one of the forms you should do for the future. From the word public, you should know roughly know what it is about.

Public Identity is about

– How do people see you?

– What do people know about you?

– How many people know who you are?

Other things you should consider

-Learning new skill

-Building Passive Income

Why I came out with these 3 points for public identity?

How do people see you?

Will people want to work with or for you if they have a bad impression on you? That will be an obvious no. Start building a good relation with everyone from now on. This world is zoom in a lot through the well-established network we have.

Now a day, a wrongdoing will be known to the whole world in minutes can you afford to take that risk? Building a good network will actually help when you lose the job or setting up a new business.

What do people know about you?

People can know you for your skillset. So, what do other knows about you? Do you have the skill I am looking for? If not, why do I hire you? I can just hire someone who advertises about themselves online for this skillset. Everyone is fighting to be identified in society for a certain skill if you don’t start now you will be left behind.

How many people know who you are?

You can carry on to advertise about yourself but you are not reaching out to more people will not be a good option. Why not let head-hunter to head hunt you or investor to invest on you instead? This world is so small with current technology.

You are no longer competing with your neighbor or people in your country for a single job. Instead, you are now challenging with everyone all over the world.

I witness how foreigner help to do troubleshooting on my system through TeamViewer when I face with an issue on their equipment. See how convenient it is? So, I will advise you to step out of your comfort zone and start building your network.

Other than public identity:

Learn New skills

Another thing you could do is to start learning a new skill which can be useful in the future. Since everything is going into automation or digitalize. Why not learn new skill towards that expects. We can’t stop learning. Putting a lot of effort on new software today can be easily replaced by another tomorrow. This is how cruel the society has become.

Building Passive Income

By saying building passive income it is to build it above your expenditure there is no point if it can’t even cover your own expenses. This is to cover your expenses if ever you lose your job or you plan to start a new business.

There are many ways to build a passive income from investing in stock to doing blogging.

I love writing so I choose to build my passive income this way. At the same time, I am also building up on my public identity as I reach out to more people out in the world. How are you building your passive income?


I have written about the importance of public identity as the risk of losing your job now is higher than before. Having a good public identity will help you in the future both for finding a new job or starting a new business.

Another aspect you should look into is continuing picking up the new skill as it can be replaced by another without you knowing. You should also learn about how you can start building your passive income for an emergency period.

If you manage to reach this point of the article, I guess you like my article. Feel free to visit my blog where I will be talking on sound and security system. There is a page on my blog which gives you link to other blog posts I have written on others website. 


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5 most secure and private browsers for Android