Know the Difference between Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting


Web hosting industry is getting augmented and this leads to introduction of several types of web hosting solutions. Due to this, users find it tough to select which web hosting solution is best for their website.

There are many web hosting solutions which are popular and among them the two that are most preferred are – Unlimited and WordPress hosting. If you want to know the differences between these two hosting solutions then check this article to clear your confusion.


Unlimited web hosting is known for small blog or medium websites, it is frequently used hosting solution as it provides unlimited resources that too at affordable cost.

If your website requires unlimited resources like disk storage, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. Then you can consider this type of hosting solution to host your website.

WordPress hosting is famous for bloggers and often used for content publishing. It offers two types of services – one is self hosting WordPress hosting and second is free WordPress hosting.

Free WordPress hosting comprises of limited features, whereas self – hosted WordPress hosting comprises of plenty of features that make your website or blog more awesome. In self – hosted WordPress hosting, you rent a space on server and host your website or blog.

Benefits of unlimited hosting

Unlimited hosting has various advantages in terms of resources and price.

  • In unlimited hosting, size of the website doesn’t matter as you get unlimited resources to store data.
  • You will get enough space to store your data. Because of this, you will never face issue like disk space full.
  • In this type of hosting solution, you can utilize any CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Magento, etc.

Benefits of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting takes your website or blog to another level by improving the performance.

  • In WordPress hosting, automatic backup of your website is taken. Incase of emergencies like server crashes or data loss, etc. you can store your website easily.
  • Your WordPress hosting provider will help you on issues like updates,  plugins, themes and other technical issues.

Which One is Best for Your Website? Unlimited hosting or WordPress hosting?

As I said before, both the hosting solutions have their own specialty and uniqueness. Check below the explanation to know which one you should use for your website.  

Unlimited hosting

Imagine you are an owner of eCommerce website, a website that receives heavy traffic or started a new website that you want to host with unlimited access to the resources on the server. If you are meeting this mentioned requirement in your chosen host then Unlimited Web Hosting Plans are best for you.

Features vary provider to provider but some common features are mentioned below to give you an idea about what you should look in unlimited plan.

  • Host unlimited websites
  • Lifetime free domain
  • Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate
  • cPanel
  • Email accounts, etc.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting name itself will tell you it’s usage. If you are planning to start a blog or website using WordPress then opt for Cheap WordPress Hosting in India. WordPress hosting comprises of multiple features that will help newbies or professionals to setup a website immediately with the help of web hosting provider.

This type of hosting is suitable for all types of websites. It provides billion of plugins and themes that you can use to set up your website. As we all know that WordPress is SEO friendly it helps your website to rank on the top in search engine with no time.

Take a look at features that you should monitor while buying WordPress hosting:

  • Number of websites allow to host
  • Free domain (This feature varies provider to provider)
  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Email accounts
  • Jetpack version (Free or paid)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Server level caching
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Preconfigured WordPress
  • Fast provisioning
  • Secure email

Some WordPress hosting providers also offers technical features. If you are getting those features in minimal price then you can buy that plan.

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • GZIP/Brotli compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP – CLI
  • Daily backup
  • CDN
  • Cloning
  • Caching
  • Server – side optimization  


I would like to conclude this article and hope you will choose wisely between the two hosting solutions for your business website. Study thoroughly before selecting the plans and web hosting provider. You can also check review sites to know more and can ask for the suggestions from the experts.  


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Top Skills of a Web Designer Today


Top Skills of a Web Designer Today


How to choose the best web designer? The web designer is an indispensable professional for the online presence of companies and other subjects with public visibility.

He is responsible for the project and the artistic and technical development of a website.

It makes choices on the style, on the navigation structure to make the user’s browsing experience optimal.

In this article, you will find out what a Web Designer is and what to expect from him.

You will also learn to understand that there are skills common to all and other variables from professional to professional, which are and how to orient yourself in this sea of possibilities.

There are two main tasks of a Web Designer:

  • designing visual communication on our website
  • encode in web language (with HTML code) creating the single pages of a site

The first is a fundamental requirement, the second is not always. Or rather, it depends on what you need.

But then, what does a web designer really need to do?

The basic prerogatives of a web designer are to know the principles of UX (User Experience), Accessibility (especially if you work for PA), graphic design (which is hardly separable from UX), graphics software for the design of the interfaces and the production of the graphics “pieces” they need.

Then, only then, must possess the programming skills.

This, of course, at a theoretical level.

The speech can be different if we talk about freelancing.

A freelancer often finds himself working alone and is naturally more inclined to hybridize his skills.

So we could say that a freelance web designer, in principle, should be able to follow a project from beginning to end, in its specific skills.

Why in its specific skills?

We’ll explain it to you with an example:

Imagine a Web Designer who is contacted by the lawyer who works downstairs to make him the website.

In this case, it is likely that the web designer does not make “only” the design of the site.

It will also deal with a whole series of services: from domain registration to the creation of email boxes, from the choice of hosting to the installation – for example – of WordPress, from the site structure to the graphics, the treatment of the photos and so on.

Here, suppose that for some reason his client asks him to use not WordPress but another platform: it is not said that freelance can do it.

But not for this, it can be said that it is not prepared!

How to choose the best Web Designer for your business

The first advice, even before creating an ad to search for a Freelance Web Designer, is asking yourself the question: what do I want to do?

It makes no sense to program a platform from scratch, spending time and money, if with a ready theme you can have an equally professional website: the extra expense is nothing but waste.

So unless you have special requests or automatisms to create, look for a Web Designer that can put you online, guaranteeing you with an already existing theme appropriately modified, visibility, SEO and Newsletter.

There is no harm in using, for a customer without special technical needs, an already existing theme to prepare a new website.

On the other hand, it may be advisable to hire a Web Developer together with the web designer, in case it is necessary to prepare information and design choices.

This is because, as we said before, a Web Designer is not a programmer.

Do not ask them to know server-side languages (PHP, .net, java, c ++), to have skills in 3D or to correctly configure a Server.

These are tasks that are the responsibility of the programmer, in this case, a Web Developer or Web Developer.

Which, in turn, is not a Web Designer.

The developer does not take care of the graphic layout of a site, it is not necessarily a creative person, nor a visual communication expert.

But then, as a freelance professional, do we have to choose if we want an internet site for our online presence? As we said, it depends.

Depends on what?

Essentially from necessities, objectives, starting points.

We will try below to list a couple of scenarios and their respective solutions, without pretending to be perfect and comprehensive. Essentially we have identified three limit cases:


You need to present your business through a website. Almost all freelance Web designers are able to give you what you need: to help you choose a Hosting, register a Domain, set up Email, and create a professional Website with a standard CMS technology like WordPress.


You need a new website whose functionality is not standard and should be tailored to your specific activity. For example, you want the site to dialogue with your management system to provide an area reserved for customers or employees.


You want to add new features to your website, or the Web project you want to create does not currently require a particular graphic appeal.

A very varied universe

Before going into details of the various specializations it is better to clarify a fundamental point.

It is very easy to find Web Designer hybrids, which are halfway between Web Design and other disciplines.

This is natural, because the Web Designer normally comes into contact with other disciplines and, if he does not become an expert, at least he must understand the language.

So it happens that a Web Designer can take a little ‘hand (we say affectionately) and end up specializing so much that at some point no longer knows whether it is more a Web Designer or more something else.

Here is a scheme to give you an idea of what the areas in which a Web Designer can end up being contaminated. Of course, this can be useful because for your project, or for your idea, you may need a professional who is at ease with Web Design and a Web Designer is often “hybrid”. The specialties that could cover are Code and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Identity, Conversion Optimization, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing. But also Systems, Affiliate Marketing.

If it is true that a freelance Web Designer is often “contaminated” with other disciplines, it is also true that some of them can be “100% pure”. We are talking about Web Designers who are “just” the project, the design of the website, without daring to touch even a line of code.

So the first question you have to ask when you’re looking for help with your idea, for your Web project, is: “Do I need a pure figure or a hybrid?” And then, in the second case: “What kind of hybrid do I need?”

Having said that, let’s move on to the various specialties. The most common hybrid Web Designer is the one who does not disdain to get his hands on the code. Let’s start from this…

The Web Designer can know how to write programming code, but it is not a programmer

Do not be scared, we do not go exactly to the technician. But this fact of the code, yes, you must know.

Websites, perhaps before we have taken it for granted, are written following a code in one of the markup languages.

The code must be as clean and logical as possible, to be able to intervene with any changes without having to face a real puzzle.

Because it’s true: the client will hardly go to see the work “behind the scenes” because little would understand.

However, it could require, for example, a different seasonal version (Christmas or Easter) of the layout.

However, it may be necessary to intervene directly on the code, for any reason.

And a logical and clean code allows you to do it quickly and with the guaranteed final result.

In some cases, it is, therefore, necessary to search for a web designer who also has skills in markup languages (X) HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery.

In short, a markup language is a set of rules that describe how to represent a text. The following are standard conventions and can be used on different supports.

Or, as we suggested before, you can choose to make the web designer work in tandem with the web developer.

The web designer today: a profession that must be in step with the times

Among the skills that a web designer must have today, there are surely Responsive Web Design, elements of graphic design, communication and knowledge of the W3C standard rules.

But let’s go in order, to know exactly what to ask the freelance professional before hiring him for one of our projects.

Responsive web design is the optimization of the website for mobile devices.

Or, rather, it is the set of techniques that allows you to create websites that can automatically adapt to the device on which they are displayed.

Whether they are computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, thanks to the responsive design, the user’s manual intervention is reduced to a minimum to resize or scroll through the contents.

Knowing the RWD (Responsive Web Design) is therefore very important for some years now: on average there are 21.1 million Italians who connect to the internet with a mobile device.

In order for our site to be easily accessible from smartphones and tablets as well as PCs, the web designer we hire must know responsive design.

We think about the damage of image or even economic that we could have today with a site not optimized for different devices!

So well, many web designers will smile and take it for granted, but the customer does not always know that he must create a responsive website.

The web designer must know how to design usable and accessible sites and understand the client’s business

The standard grammar of the W3C is an important and certainly necessary skill for the realization of a whole category of sites (think for example to the Public Administrations).

What is it for?

Building websites based on these standards makes them compatible and navigable in the most uniform way possible, regardless of the browser used or the computer system.

The acronym W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium and is an international organization founded in 1994 with the aim of developing all the potentials of the web and, above all, of establishing technical standards.

Standard that the Web Designer must know very well if it is addressed to Public Administrations, but it is good to know even if its customers are private.

Usability and accessibility are therefore two keywords in the field of website design.

When we choose our Freelance Web Designer, let us make sure that it really knows how important it is to create a usable and accessible website.

A Website is accessible if it is able to use the greatest number of people.

People who are able-bodied and people with physical disabilities (visually impaired, for example) or cognitive.

To create an accessible site there are standard rules and guidelines defined by the WAI, the W3C working group that we mentioned earlier.

A site is considered usable if it is easy to interact with its pages and its structure.

The contents of our site must be designed in such a way as to be easily viewable and understandable.

In private, especially for small businesses, it may not be necessary to create an accessible site (while it is mandatory, for example, for the Public Administration).

It is certainly necessary, instead, to create a usable or user-friendly site.

And this a Web Designer knows it.

So, if the user experience and responsiveness are discounted concepts, things that are much more important for the customer are not discounted.

Today’s Web Designer must:

  • Know how to understand first of all the values and the business model of the client
  • Talk to him with the same language to consistently understand the objectives
  • Designing the website by making the most appropriate technical, structural and communication choices.


In the field of Web Design, basic and “ancillary” skills are many and difficult to place in universally recognized standards.

For your idea, start by identifying development goals and priorities. Next, understand these “keywords”, look for a Web Designer with the right attributes.

Author Bio:

Megan Max is one of the greatest animators at Video Animation Inc and the friendliest person who always keep smiling. He is too handsome and known as the sculpture of animators.


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Top Most Famous Logo Redesign In 2018


When we are designing the logo of a client for the first time, it is always something stimulating, because we are creating, by means of a few strokes how we want that company, institution or person to be seen. But many of us have also had to face a similar type of order, but with a different turn: the redesign of a logo.

Because with these projects, we no longer face a blank canvas. In a redesign, we have a base on which to work, a brand that is surely already established. Therefore, we must always keep in mind the concepts of typography, name, and color to minimize errors when we are designing. But no matter how hard we work, failure can be marked with just a nuance, and escape from our hands. It is not a trivial matter, and we must fight any unforeseen.

And despite all these possibilities of not succeeding, many companies have dared to change their logo in 2018. So we have collected some of the best. Although, in spite of everything, some of you will still have the same doubt: is it worth it to redesign a logo already established in the collective memory?

Why redesigning your logo can be a good idea?

The redesign of a logo can be the result of different issues. There are those who want to offer their potential clients a different idea of themselves as companies. Or that they want to launch to an international market, and see their image as too local. On the theme of the redesign of a logo with other countries in mind. Or simply that the logo looks already outdated with respect to current trends.

Whatever the reason, many companies have seen a change of air in their image. And during the few months of this 2018, they have already presented their new logos. So, without further delay, let’s see what have been some of the most interesting.

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In a relatively short time, Absolut Vodka has become a well-known and popular brand in the collective imagination. Surely for this reason, and to establish itself with a more global image, the company thought of a redesign of its logo. Although more than talking about a redesign, we can say that it has been a kind of cleaning of every extra element.

If we see the old logo, it was divided into three lines, with two distinct types. The combinations of different types can be a positive point in our designs. But in the case of Absolut, they gave an image too complex. In addition to having the impression of a certain cluster of elements in the same space.

The solution has been simple but very well thought out. Stay with only part of the old logo, for two obvious reasons. The first is to keep part of the original image, so as not to be too much distorted. And on the other hand, take advantage of that popularly the brand is known only as Absolut, and not by its full name, Absolut Vodka. Adding a final point, which gives even more rotundity to the word that forms the logo. On the elimination of the phrase Country of Sweden, it tells us how the brand wants to see itself as a global company.


Of all this listing, perhaps it is the most recognizable brand of all. Because we have seen it in ads, when making an online purchase, or it is even possible that we carry it in our portfolio. So the redesign of a logo as well-known as Visa is never easy.

And in fact, the changes have been minimal. Typography is maintained, and the recognizable wing of the first letter. Modifying the two tonalities, yellow and blue, by a blue gradient, something darker than the original. This allows using the logo not only with this color but also in a negative way when placing it in dark backgrounds.

Maybe it could be a very conservative redesign. But we must bear in mind that, being such a large company and with so much penetration in different areas, they have preferred to fall short of overhauling braking.

The Guardian

A clear example that with just touching the minimum keys, we can create something completely different. Of course, you have to know what to modify so that the result is not counterproductive.

If we look closely, even the typography of the Guardian logo remains exactly the same. The changes have been a change of color, from the double tonality of blues to black. The new positioning of the two words that make up the logo. And that both start now with a capital letter.

And what is achieved with these three changes? A much more serious image and close to the classic paper newspaper. Remaining behind the almost magazine image that gave to understand the old logo.


Slate is a well-known online magazine that covers political, economic, technological and cultural issues. If you are a regular, you may recognize your logo since its website was one of the ones mentioned in our list of pages created using CSS Grid. In addition to these, on the Grid Examples website, you can find many other examples of websites using this new CSS tool.

With the new design, the company wanted to show a little its internal way of working: non-linear and a little rowdy. Even with a point of irreverence. And the old logo was very formal, so it did not reflect these ideas.

The process was to change the font and that it was totally capitalized. But as a jarring note, this cutting into the letter A. With this they wanted to show that behind each story, there is always a hidden part, difficult to decipher.  the hidden part that Slate tries to reveal through its articles.

If you want to know more about the process of creating this redesign, we recommend logo designs service Dubai Company. Because it is not only good to know the redesign, but all the creative and mental process that is done until you reach it.

If you know of another redesign that has caught your attention, you can comment on it in the comments. Surely there is someone else that we have overlooked that is very interesting and inspiring!