How tech advancement will affect you and what you should do


As the world starts shifting to automation and digitalize have you thought of what the world will become in the near future? People losing their job and replaced by robot or machine. Where can all these people go to? So, have you thought of how technology advancement will affect you and what you should do for your future?

How technology advancement will affect you?

Are you in banking, accounting, or job that are easily replace by robot or automation in the near future? Do you know you are at risk of losing your job?

In the past, many of us wanted to go into accounting, business or banking as it has quite a stable job back then. Now those who went into that field are at risk of losing their job and stuck with unable to find a new job.

Most people will go into a freelance job or start their own business after that. Which will give rise to the competition in the market. Are you ready to face this competition in the near future?

What should we start to do for our future?

Building our public identity is one of the forms you should do for the future. From the word public, you should know roughly know what it is about.

Public Identity is about

– How do people see you?

– What do people know about you?

– How many people know who you are?

Other things you should consider

-Learning new skill

-Building Passive Income

Why I came out with these 3 points for public identity?

How do people see you?

Will people want to work with or for you if they have a bad impression on you? That will be an obvious no. Start building a good relation with everyone from now on. This world is zoom in a lot through the well-established network we have.

Now a day, a wrongdoing will be known to the whole world in minutes can you afford to take that risk? Building a good network will actually help when you lose the job or setting up a new business.

What do people know about you?

People can know you for your skillset. So, what do other knows about you? Do you have the skill I am looking for? If not, why do I hire you? I can just hire someone who advertises about themselves online for this skillset. Everyone is fighting to be identified in society for a certain skill if you don’t start now you will be left behind.

How many people know who you are?

You can carry on to advertise about yourself but you are not reaching out to more people will not be a good option. Why not let head-hunter to head hunt you or investor to invest on you instead? This world is so small with current technology.

You are no longer competing with your neighbor or people in your country for a single job. Instead, you are now challenging with everyone all over the world.

I witness how foreigner help to do troubleshooting on my system through TeamViewer when I face with an issue on their equipment. See how convenient it is? So, I will advise you to step out of your comfort zone and start building your network.

Other than public identity:

Learn New skills

Another thing you could do is to start learning a new skill which can be useful in the future. Since everything is going into automation or digitalize. Why not learn new skill towards that expects. We can’t stop learning. Putting a lot of effort on new software today can be easily replaced by another tomorrow. This is how cruel the society has become.

Building Passive Income

By saying building passive income it is to build it above your expenditure there is no point if it can’t even cover your own expenses. This is to cover your expenses if ever you lose your job or you plan to start a new business.

There are many ways to build a passive income from investing in stock to doing blogging.

I love writing so I choose to build my passive income this way. At the same time, I am also building up on my public identity as I reach out to more people out in the world. How are you building your passive income?


I have written about the importance of public identity as the risk of losing your job now is higher than before. Having a good public identity will help you in the future both for finding a new job or starting a new business.

Another aspect you should look into is continuing picking up the new skill as it can be replaced by another without you knowing. You should also learn about how you can start building your passive income for an emergency period.

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