How to Increase Brand Engagement with Instagram


Instagram is gaining grounds due to the flexibility in association with the same. Ranging from hipsters to brands, all are on their ways to quench their thirst by getting more number of likes. Along with Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is on its way to emerge as a visual social media marketing venue.

Brand has value but people are not familiar that. You must have a question about how can my brand be promoted successfully with Instagram?

Instagram Used as Platform for Brand Advertisement

It is well known for its capabilities to captivate and inspire audience through a smooth channel. With above hundreds of millions of Instagram users, industries are also making generous usage of this platform. On your way to achieve the target, it is very much essential to carry on each and every step generously.

Best Ways to Increase Brand Engagement

More effort you give, higher will be your chances to expand the number of Instagram followers. Also, the potential regarding sales opportunities will also get multiplied. Below are simple to follow marketing strategies that need to be followed to achieve high success:

  • Advertising creatively –

The brand strategy that you are planning to apply must be unique. You need to come up with exclusive ideas followed by focusing at the content included. A unique brand strategy will definitely allure you with astounding rewards. Another exclusive idea that will help is making appropriate usage of hashtags.

The important thing is that you must have a number of followers on your business account to convince strangers’ people and make them your customers, for that whether you can buy Instagram followers or earn with the organic ways.

Too long and too short hashtags must be avoided. They must be moderate in size. Application of maximum 6-7 hashtags per post along with brand name will be a great step. Hashtags used must be unique against each and every advertising campaign.

  • Cross promoting posts –

Brand owners desirous to give a kick start on the entire marketing efforts of Instagram must start cross promoting posts. Getting Instagram posts shared with other social media including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It will let more number of users to remain engaged to your posts.

Posts shared in more than a single platform will definitely grab attention. High advancement in technology has given a big boost towards brand engagement. Posts having inclined amount of social proof will definitely have large fan base.

  • Going with fascinating story for brand –

You may easily create an exclusive and highly fascinating brand story by going with astonishing photos and videos. Posts conveying basic principles along with values for a brand are highly appreciated. Such exclusive posts will definitely gain high popularity.

Photos and videos being posted on Instagram must be exclusive and thought provoking. Those that convey some messages hold higher chances of getting higher number of likes. Higher the engagement, higher will be the overall popularity of the brand.

  • Rewarding the winner –

Instagram is a platform where you may organize a competition. It is possible to request users from all around to include their heartfelt views and comments. They may also go for posting astonishing photos. The best one will be rewarded. Such exotic events will definitely invite users from all around.

Users coming up with appreciable captions for your images must be rewarded for their hard work. Organizing competitions frequently will definitely invite more number of viewers towards your brand finally increasing popularity.

  • Updating profile on a regular basis –

An updated profile definitely gains more attention in comparison to others. If you want your brand to stand out in the crowd, then do not procrastinate in updating your profile on a regular basis. Do not take in consideration the number of subscribers.

Hard effort will definitely invite more number of subscribers towards your post. While updating, it must be ensured that you include some engaging stuff. It will get on nerves thus making your audience glued.

  • Integrating Instagram account with Facebook –

Facebook is one of the highly popular social media sites used today. Integration of Instagram account will truly help in engaging more number of users towards your posts. Finally, you may expect increased brand awareness by getting involved with Instagram.

There is a possibility that people may not access Instagram directly. Facebook is accessed by almost all at least in a day. Viewers will get a platform to enjoy access to your Instagram posts in a play way manner.

  • Partnering with creative partners –

It will be really a great step if you are successful in partnering with a creative partner. Lining up with exclusive service providers will definitely give platform for large number of audience. It is really a creative step to enhance the overall impression of the brand.

Brand images need to be marketed in a creative manner. Partnering with exclusive personalities on Instagram will definitely open the doorway towards high success. Posts that are liked and shared by top personalities hold higher chances of getting promoted.

It is for sure that the above mentioned actions will contribute in giving a boost to brand authority along with overall profit and overall audience engagement. Time has come to take your challenges beyond victory.

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