New technologies, The domestic, The house of the future And Transhumanism


A little skeptical, let’s face it, because of our house, our “home”.

Well! We do not necessarily want an intruder who rummages or worse who manages our intimate habits! But let yourself be caught up in the game of our staging below and discover the advantages of home automation:

“In the morning, my home automation box checks my Google calendar to see if I’m working: if so, she turns on the towel dryer half an hour before I get up, to get a hot towel out of the shower. She wakes me up gradually increasing the light of the room and lights the kitchen, ready to greet me with a coffee already filled …

The shutters, they will open at sunrise. I have lunch, go to the bathroom, then if I wait, my home box, and vocally reminds me that it’s time to go to work. Besides my gate is already open and waiting for my departure to close behind me.

As my home box is connected to the GPS of my phone, my house knows that I left: it then turns off all the devices that would have remained on and triggers the alarm.

It must be admitted that home automation has an interest in three main areas:


Today, a smart home is able to know when you come home, and therefore to open the portal before you even arrive. The shutters can open and close to the rhythm of the sun, your heating can adapt according to the seasons. It is even possible to automatically broadcast your favorite music playlist.

During this time, a robot can vacuum for you, and the automatic watering system will irrigate your garden while taking into account the weather forecast for the next few days.

Energy savings

Your home becomes smart and therefore manages your energy consumption. To do this, the devices in your home are connected to a central computer through WiFi, a network of cables or an electrical network. All you have to do is enter the memory of applications such as shutter closing, lighting off, heating programming, alarm activation, etc.

So your shutters, your heating, are managed by the home automation system which allows you to save energy, and therefore money without intervention on your part. All of these possibilities allow you to reduce your energy costs by 6 to 10%.  The all saving energy home appliance you can buy at my deal Australia the biggest online store has a huge list of new home technology.


One of his basic rules: “animate” your house as if you were there, whether you work or go on vacation. Even in your absence, shutters continue to open, music can be played, and lights on randomly to deter unwanted intrusions. But home automation can also serve you in case of disaster: a detection of water leakage, the box can automatically cut the water supply to avoid major damage; or even a fire detection.

Automate your appliances and electrical components for better energy management and improve your everyday life in a simple and effective way … home automation is a new way of life…

Transhumanism to go to a new human

The term “transhumanism” was coined in 1957 by Julian Huxley, the brother of the author of the famous novel The Brave New World. It is a movement born in California, at the crossroads of sixties cultures and the development of computer science.

Today, it has taken a much larger scale and questions scientists and philosophers around the world. Transhumanist thinking is based on the idea that technological progress can improve our daily lives and transcend our human nature.

Transhumanists observe that Man, as we know him today, is not a fixed being. It is transformable, improbable. For thousands of years, natural selection has been busy adapting it to its environment. Today, man would be able to take control of his destiny and develop himself.

The singularitarians want to build a world in which the human would have passed biological death. How? By improving the body, failing by nature, thanks to machines. By transforming the genome or recomposing the DNA. Even for the most daring, by getting rid of the physical limits as much as possible by downloading thought and human consciousness into a computer.

Pragmatists have a more cautious view. This translates into repair and improvement technologies offering only a progressing overtaking of our current human condition: thought-controlled prostheses, artificial hearts, bionic eyes, etc.

Should we be afraid of transhumanism?

Transhumanism crystallizes many fears and flirts with delicate ethical issues. It generates as much enthusiasm as criticism. One can detect, in the common fears associated with the movement, the myth of Frankenstein. It is the fear that human creations will turn against man.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and research on the symbiosis between the human brain and digital networks open new unknown dimensions and formidable possibilities … provided they are mastered.

And yet transhumanism is already present. The world of sport is an environment in which these technologies are observed daily, without even knowing it. A picture of Oscar Pistorius, more and more disabled athletes practice their discipline through highly sophisticated prostheses. They are true extensions of their members who, if they were not clamped deliberately, often far exceed the capabilities of lambda sports.

With the Techno-progressist Declaration, which she co-signed, the French association Technoprog declares: “The world is unacceptably inegalitarian and dangerous. Emerging technologies could make it a lot better, or worse. Unfortunately, too few people today understand the dimension of the threats or benefits that humanity faces. “. Transhumanism opens the door to a new human, Man 2.0. But what will he do with technological progress?


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