Overview of Huawei FreeBuds Fully Wireless Headphones


Without false modesty, we can say that the most important trend of the last couple of years is completely wireless headphones. This technology has become very popular, because comfort comes first, and sound quality becomes a secondary thing. Check out how comfortable and good the Huawei FreeBuds fully wireless headphones are.

AirPods for Android?

Despite the fact that before Apple such headphones were made by Samsung and a couple of other companies, AirPods pushed this market and it is simply impossible to avoid comparison with them. Therefore, a couple of references to the AirPods in this review will be. Let’s start with the fact that the design of the case / charging station is very different from what was invented by Apple. But the design of the headphones themselves is similar, with one important exception – Freebuds are vacuum headphones.

The disadvantage of this design is that intracanal headphones create more pressure on the eardrum and wearing them for several hours in a row is not a good idea. The advantages are that they sit much denser and create better passive noise isolation. In Freebuds, you can run and they probably will not fall out of your ears.

Charging case

But back to the case. It is assembled as beautiful as the quality of plastic and construction. The cover is well fixed in the open position and is easily closed by the door closer. Accidentally open the case is very difficult, and therefore in the bag to lose the headphones is almost impossible. On the back of the connector Type-C for charging and the only button that is needed to pair with devices. On the front there is an LED indicator that notifies of various events:

the green color of the indicator means that the battery is charged, red that it is time to charge, well, and blinking blue indicates pairing mode. The size of the case is small and is comparable in size to AirPods, but due to a different form, FreeBuds take up more space and the case is more suitable for jacket pockets than jeans.


In terms of connectivity, there are no questions. The pairing occurs once, and in the future, simply open the case and the headphones are connected automatically. But if you have two devices and you switch between them regularly, then problems can arise here, because you have to connect manually or turn off Bluetooth on the second device.

In terms of ergonomics, these are fairly standard vacuum headphones, which sit well in the ears and do not cause any discomfort, but they are quickly addictive to the absence of wires.But there was not a fly in the ointment. Headphones have two obvious disadvantages. First, complete silicone nozzles are far from the best.

They are so thin that when you take the earpiece out of your ear, the attachment will likely turn out and quickly throw the earpiece into the case will not work.

This issue is solved by third-party nozzles, but you need to find the right ones so that they fit into the case and this may cause difficulties. Secondly, the headphones have a problem with the synchronization of audio from video. That is, you feel that the sound does not keep up with the articulation of the character in the frame.

The delay is small, but in any case causes cognitive dissonance. After the update, it became a little better, but the out-of-sync is still felt and FreeBuds will definitely not go to those who like to watch movies, TV shows or YouTube. A similar problem is common, and unfortunately not every company is able to defeat it,

especially when you need to synchronize not only audio and video stream, but also two headphones with each other. In addition, out-of-sync happens to the headphones themselves, but this is rare and reconnection usually helps. And in public places, the signal quality begins to fall,

if the smartphone is in your pocket, there may be losses. With the latest update it has become much better, but in very crowded places, problems may arise. there may be losses. With the latest update it has become much better, but in very crowded places, problems may arise. there may be losses. With the latest update it has become much better, but in very crowded places, problems may arise.


But the sound of Huawei is quite good headphones. The emphasis here is on the middle-high frequencies, the “top” is also felt, but there is no “bottom” at all.

If you compare them with the AirPods, the latter sound a little louder and the middle is better drawn in it, it is denser. The feeling that the signal from the AirPods is compressed, though the “top” is almost completely absent. In Huawei Freebuds, however, a more transparent sound with distinct highs, but if you are looking for headphones with pronounced “bottoms”, this is not about them.

At the maximum volume, small distortions begin and listening to music is no longer very pleasant. At the same time, the volume of the volume itself is not enough and if it were more, it would be more comfortable to listen. Nevertheless, the headphones are great for fans to listen to podcasts or music because they have good noise insulation and they are comfortable enough.


Headphone control is due to the touch panel. There are only three basic controls: a double tap on the right headphone activates Play-Pause, a double tap on the left causes a voice assistant, and finally, during a call, you can double tap on any of the headphones to receive it. There are not enough gestures to switch tracks, so, please, handles on the smartphone (check all smartphones prices in Pakistan). Also in the headphones.

Working hours

As for autonomy, then everything is pretty standard – a couple of hours from one charge. But time depends on the volume and frequency of turning on and off the headphones. The case allows you to recharge the headphones twice. With an average use from an hour to one and a half per day, you will need to charge the headphones once every 5-6 days. With very active use – more often, but for each use case, the indicators are different.


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