The Death Of Animation And How To Avoid It


Animation has taken digital marketing industry by storm. It is spreading gems of outcomes and benefiting companies on both small and large scale with optimum productivity. Any moving figure or font is eye-catching and liked by the viewer. An online user would prefer to read, interact and check the video or content having motion graphics more than preferring the static content.

Animation is often misused or used in a way that its full potential is not revealed. Due to this fact, many animators fear the death of it in the nearer times. In the urge to appeal the customers, people are creating quick and easy animation techniques. Those techniques are leaving a bad influence over the entire animation methods. Many novice animators prefer to use quick animation builders that has the same icons, features, and templates. There is no innovation being introduced into the industry. People think that by putting a common character into the video is enough to increase the overall ROI of the brand though it’s actually in some ways is working too.

Animation is not about adding characters into your brand or building up the foundation of your marketing keeping a character as the main brand face. Animation is all about creativity. Even if you use a font, use it in a way that it depicts creativity. From the design to layouts, content to color combination, every factor influences animation. If you plan on creating a brand’s video, you must focus on adding the real essence to the video. You need to create a strategy that can build a progressive foundation for your animated video. You have to take time out to create a unique animated character because by copying other’s animation you do not only influences the animation industry in a negative way but you create a ditch for your own brand.

Nowadays, people are using techniques that only encourage the use of easy to make characters, and animation. There is no urge to create innovations within the animation; no new idea is being pitched. It seems like everybody is following the herd. If one creates an image with sharp colors and makes fortunes then other will surely do that too.  That’s what is happening in the industry, today, the drive for innovation seems to fade away.

One more thing that marks the fading off of animation is in the entertainment industry. There as a time when cartoon making was the passion of most animators. Now the only a handful of creators are investing their time in making cartoons while others are drawn towards becoming an explainer video animator. The launch of Wall-E, a movie of a robot, marks the excellence of what remains in the industry. By pondering on the work of such exceptional artists, it seems that animation can take off again in the entertainment industry.

Animation is simple yet confusing. It requires creativity and talent packed with skills to produce something appropriate and alluring. With animation, you can take your brand’s name to sky height only if you manage to add innovation, uniqueness, and novelty within your creation. Animation can be more than just character making. A simple line movement is also part of animating. One needs to understand the broad avenue of animation. From the use of simple colors to adding motion in everything that can ease your work. Most static websites are turned into fully responsive and ultra-sleek interface just by adding a little more innovation and creativity, which is together called animation.

Despite battling the struggle to beat your rivals, you should ponder on inventing new ideas and creativity in animation. You need to come up with a better plan to counter the efforts of your competitors. Stick to pure animation, where sleek display, creativity, and interesting characterization is aimed.

Even if you plan on making an explainer video add uniqueness in terms of animation and skills. Your work should mark your excellence and that will take your brand’s name to the top charts without any hassle. Moreover, with animation, you can boost your brand recognition. Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and bring your ideas to live in no time. You can raise the bar higher and give new competition to your rivals.

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