Tips for Video Marketing for Application Developers


You have this new idea for an exciting application. Ask application developers to create it. All your friends are testing the app and are thrilled. You are very excited because this app will change your life. But … after successfully uploading your app to the Apple Store and Google Play, it does not receive any more attention. What is going on? What do you have to do?

Internet marketing specialists call it App Store Optimization (ASO), which is the process of improving the visibility of your mobile app.

If you are not optimized, your target audience will not find or open your app page. Right now, your rivals do not waste time; they collect and insert special keywords, write compelling screenplays and show engaging videos. This increases their popularity and brings traffic to their pages.

And yes, videos are a huge part of this optimization. Both the App Store and Google Play allow you to preview videos of your app to give customers a sneak peek at your product. Unlike still images, videos clearly show how your app works.

The version of iOS 11 introduces two important changes to the App Store:

Automatic playback of videos on the product page and on the search results page

  • The increase from two to three screens
  • Why Create Video Preview Applications

There are millions of applications, and you have to compete to get the attention of Apple Store and Google Play. To do this, you must tell your story by actively showing the benefits of your app.

If you are part of a group of application developers you need short videos that show the features and functionality of your application, including the user interface. Videos must be fun, exciting, informative, practical and/or educational 

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Video App preview in iOS

The most important change introduced by iOS 11 is the ability to add up to three videos located on the product page and on the search results page. These videos will start automatically (auto-play), to attract attention, which makes it even more important to have preview videos for your compelling application.

When you type a search word, the first applications will be listed with each of the three screens instead of two. This way you will have more opportunities to show your application on the search results page.

As you go through the search results, the videos of the applications will start automatically. Once the video is finished, it will start again automatically.

With these changes, videos suddenly offer the best opportunity to optimize your ranking and visibility on the app store and search engine.

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