Top Most Famous Logo Redesign In 2018


When we are designing the logo of a client for the first time, it is always something stimulating, because we are creating, by means of a few strokes how we want that company, institution or person to be seen. But many of us have also had to face a similar type of order, but with a different turn: the redesign of a logo.

Because with these projects, we no longer face a blank canvas. In a redesign, we have a base on which to work, a brand that is surely already established. Therefore, we must always keep in mind the concepts of typography, name, and color to minimize errors when we are designing. But no matter how hard we work, failure can be marked with just a nuance, and escape from our hands. It is not a trivial matter, and we must fight any unforeseen.

And despite all these possibilities of not succeeding, many companies have dared to change their logo in 2018. So we have collected some of the best. Although, in spite of everything, some of you will still have the same doubt: is it worth it to redesign a logo already established in the collective memory?

Why redesigning your logo can be a good idea?

The redesign of a logo can be the result of different issues. There are those who want to offer their potential clients a different idea of themselves as companies. Or that they want to launch to an international market, and see their image as too local. On the theme of the redesign of a logo with other countries in mind. Or simply that the logo looks already outdated with respect to current trends.

Whatever the reason, many companies have seen a change of air in their image. And during the few months of this 2018, they have already presented their new logos. So, without further delay, let’s see what have been some of the most interesting.

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In a relatively short time, Absolut Vodka has become a well-known and popular brand in the collective imagination. Surely for this reason, and to establish itself with a more global image, the company thought of a redesign of its logo. Although more than talking about a redesign, we can say that it has been a kind of cleaning of every extra element.

If we see the old logo, it was divided into three lines, with two distinct types. The combinations of different types can be a positive point in our designs. But in the case of Absolut, they gave an image too complex. In addition to having the impression of a certain cluster of elements in the same space.

The solution has been simple but very well thought out. Stay with only part of the old logo, for two obvious reasons. The first is to keep part of the original image, so as not to be too much distorted. And on the other hand, take advantage of that popularly the brand is known only as Absolut, and not by its full name, Absolut Vodka. Adding a final point, which gives even more rotundity to the word that forms the logo. On the elimination of the phrase Country of Sweden, it tells us how the brand wants to see itself as a global company.


Of all this listing, perhaps it is the most recognizable brand of all. Because we have seen it in ads, when making an online purchase, or it is even possible that we carry it in our portfolio. So the redesign of a logo as well-known as Visa is never easy.

And in fact, the changes have been minimal. Typography is maintained, and the recognizable wing of the first letter. Modifying the two tonalities, yellow and blue, by a blue gradient, something darker than the original. This allows using the logo not only with this color but also in a negative way when placing it in dark backgrounds.

Maybe it could be a very conservative redesign. But we must bear in mind that, being such a large company and with so much penetration in different areas, they have preferred to fall short of overhauling braking.

The Guardian

A clear example that with just touching the minimum keys, we can create something completely different. Of course, you have to know what to modify so that the result is not counterproductive.

If we look closely, even the typography of the Guardian logo remains exactly the same. The changes have been a change of color, from the double tonality of blues to black. The new positioning of the two words that make up the logo. And that both start now with a capital letter.

And what is achieved with these three changes? A much more serious image and close to the classic paper newspaper. Remaining behind the almost magazine image that gave to understand the old logo.


Slate is a well-known online magazine that covers political, economic, technological and cultural issues. If you are a regular, you may recognize your logo since its website was one of the ones mentioned in our list of pages created using CSS Grid. In addition to these, on the Grid Examples website, you can find many other examples of websites using this new CSS tool.

With the new design, the company wanted to show a little its internal way of working: non-linear and a little rowdy. Even with a point of irreverence. And the old logo was very formal, so it did not reflect these ideas.

The process was to change the font and that it was totally capitalized. But as a jarring note, this cutting into the letter A. With this they wanted to show that behind each story, there is always a hidden part, difficult to decipher.  the hidden part that Slate tries to reveal through its articles.

If you want to know more about the process of creating this redesign, we recommend logo designs service Dubai Company. Because it is not only good to know the redesign, but all the creative and mental process that is done until you reach it.

If you know of another redesign that has caught your attention, you can comment on it in the comments. Surely there is someone else that we have overlooked that is very interesting and inspiring!

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